So The Scorpion King comes out today. And if you look at the ads, it says, “The Rock in The Scorpion King”. That seems a little absurd to me. Because his name isn’t the Rock. That’s his identity for the WWF. He’s Dwayne Johnson. So he’s playing a character that’s playing a character. Meta. I dunno, maybe it should say “Dwayne Johnson is The Rock is The Scorpion King”. At any rate, it’s kind of absurd to me, that he’s being advertised as a character playing a character.

And is it just me or does Mel Gibson play roughly the same character in every movie? You know, slightly off kilter but generally “good”? He should just go the Tony Danza route and have his character be called “Mel” in every role he plays. Better yet, have every movie he makes be called “Mel Gibson”. That would be great. “Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson in Mel Gibson”. Honestly, that’s not that much different from what he’s doing now.

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