On the way to work today I heard on the radio an ad for the deaf. I dunno, maybe it’s just me but that seems a less than optimal use of advertising dollars.

One good thing about the Bay Area is the radio stations. Actually, I can only compare it to Houston, but yeah, the radio stations in Houston suck. There used to be one decent station that everyone listened to (104.1 I think) but it became like a mariachi station. I’m not joking. Anyway, yeah, the stations around here are pretty good, relatively good mix of music, for radio.

The thing is, they all play a lot of the same stuff. Like, I was switching around one day and 106.5 and 95.7 were playing the exact same song at the exact same time. I thought for a second one had bought out the other and now they were the same station. But no, it was just a coincidence, them playing the same song timed perfectly together. (Nickelback’s How You Remind Me) I dunno, I thought that was weird.

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