This is mostly in response to Sam’s post, but I don’t think Liz e-mailed you. There’s this virus going around that’s particularly evil – it sends out e-mail to people in your inbox as if they were sent by other people in your inbox. Like, I think Leo got infected so I’ve been getting random e-mail that looks like it’s from people in his mailbox, and apparently other people have been sent e-mails that look like they were from me.

The most evil one “I” sent was one that included a message about viruses and said the attached executable is a fix for it, and to ignore warnings about it being a virus. That’s evil – a virus posing as a virus fix.

Anyway, I think my dad is infected also. Looking at the headers of those e-mails kinda helps figure out where it’s from. Like all the Leo ones come from, and I’m guessing my dad’s infected because random things are coming from So yeah, my guess Sam is that it’s from someone who uses Outlook that has both you and Liz in their mailbox. No idea who that would be though. Maybe Drew?

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