I had a dream the other night involving a fighting match, Royal Rumble style, in my old house in San Jose. Pastor Ryan was the referee, and contestants included myself, Minho, James Kim, James Choi from Houston, and Britney Spears. I didn’t actually see Britney myself, I only spoke with her mother. I’m fairly certain this dream was inspired by the episode of Celebrity Deathmatch I saw that featured Survivor contestants.

And did anyone catch that show on MTV where Master P interviewed people from Star Wars 2? Absolutely hilarious, especially the parts with George Lucas. I was dying. This black gangsta rapper interviewing this white recluse, Lucas getting none of Master P’s jokes. One great bit is when P asks him who plays Yoda, and he says Frank Oz. And P asks, seemingly completely serious, “Is he really that short?” And Lucas is dumbfounded. The whole interview was like that. Great stuff.

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