The reason I hate the Lakers isn’t so much the Lakers themselves, but more Lakers’ fans. Not all fans, just some of them, but the obnoxiousness of the few is enough. I dunno, it just annoys me. It wasn’t the same with, for example, the Bulls. I disliked the Bulls. But I didn’t hate them. I hate the Lakers.

Same thing in baseball. I dislike the Giants, dislike the Dodgers. But I only truly hate the Yankees. Dunno if you’ve been to an American League game where there are Yankees fans there, but it’s totally annoying. They’re all so arrogant and smug. Argh.

Anyway, back to the Lakers. This past Sunday I was at this church in LA and during the benediction the pastor prays for the Lakers. He was obviously kidding, but still, I was annoyed. That’s wrong.

I tend to fight fire with fire, so I’m an obnoxious Laker hater. We were once watching this game and a couple of the Laker fans there were being obnoxious fans, I was being an obnoxious hater, and the result was the neutral people there hated both teams. Good stuff.

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