I strongly believe in spiritual realms. Dunno if that makes any sense. But it’s like this – I’m not particularly well traveled but I have been to a few places. The interesting thing is, when I was in Korea summer after frosh year, my spiritual life was incredible, especially in terms of disciplines. I was a machine. The weird thing is, because of the program I was at, I didn’t have any fellowship, and no church I could go to. But yeah, it was an incredible summer.

That summer in the other East Asian country, I dunno if Wong agrees with me, but it just felt oppressive. In a lot of ways, like physically and emotionally. But I don’t know, for me at least, it felt spiritually oppressive, if that makes any sense at all.

The U.S. is somewhere in the middle. I dunno, just personally, I don’t think it was random. I think the countries just have different spiritual atmospheres.

It’s not the same thing, but KCPC’s move kind of reminded me of that. Just, it’s amazing to me how much atmosphere makes a difference. But yeah, ever since the move, I feel like everything’s been better. The praise has been better, the sermons have been better; just everything. Was there something spiritually oppressive at the old place? Or maybe just the physical layout made everything feel different. Whatever it was, it’s amazing to me how much Sundays got better after the move.

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