So I actually watched the USA vs. Korea match. Pretty entertaining. Some notes:

  • How does Korea’s coach communicate with the players? I’m guessing English. And that’s kind of amazing to me.
  • On ESPN2, the announcers consistently pronounced “Choi” like “chair” without the “r”. Or like “Chae”. Thought that was interesting.
  • It’s hard for me to get into soccer. I can understand the pageantry and whatever, and it’s cool, but I don’t understand the game. I mean, I see what happens, but I have no idea why or how that happened, if that makes any sense. Like with football and basketball, I can see and understand the formations and plays so it makes sense. But soccer (and hockey), it’s a complete mystery.
  • Also I don’t understand the rules. Vaguely, but not really. I used to play soccer a long time ago, but that was a totally different game. I wonder if my parents watching my games found it as boring as most Americans find soccer. Probably. Anyway, yeah, the commentators would make comments like, yeah, that was a good non call. A total mystery.
  • Anyway, yeah, someone explain to me what offsides is, or where it starts. Didn’t seem to correspond to any visible line on the field.
  • The Korean goalkeeper ever so vaguely looks like Chen Kenichi. At least to me.

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