So we went to Dave and Eunice’s thing this weekend. I had a nice talk with Dave’s dad. SN. Have I wrote about this before? My dad, Dave’s dad, and Pastor Harold’s dad kind of grew up together in Korea. They supposedly walked to school together or something like that. Small world, huh? Anyway, yeah, Dave’s dad was this super popular jock type. Really good at ice hockey, supposedly. So they were all surprised when it turned out his son (Dave) wasn’t great at sports. Uh, this is all hearsay, though. Dunno how true it is; maybe it’s all made up.

Anyway, he made a comment that was interesting. Actually, it’s not that interesting itself. He just said how he liked all of Dave’s Stanford friends because they were all so nice. And as we were hanging out that night I kept thinking, he’s right: they are nice. Not like IV ultra-polite nice, just good. Good people. And you know, that’s kind of special.

I dunno, I think FiCS was a kind of special thing. It was just a bunch of good people and I think that’s kinda rare. Or maybe not. I just realized how much I enjoyed hanging out with everyone. Good people. Good times.

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