Let me write about this argument me, John, and Henry once had. Wong was there, maybe he can give some insight into it because I can’t completely remember it. We had just finished watching Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Talk about an innocent movie. The main character (bride) gets pregnant and it’s an absolutely stunning development because there’s no indication at all that they’ve come close to any activity that’s necessary for procreation. Seriously, it’s not even clear they’ve shared the same bed. But somehow, that happens.

I think it’s related but yeah, John started talking about how he loves that time when everything was so innocent and there was less sin. Something like that. Which I think got Henry enraged. It doesn’t take much to get Henry enraged. Especially where John’s involved. Anyway, he objected to the idea that there was less sin in those days.

He was just saying how there may have been less public sin, but there was more private sin. And whatever, that’s fine. But then he (Henry) takes it further, and says that there was more total sin in those days. I dunno if he was doing it to be annoying, but this enraged me. Not the claim, because whatever, it’s debatable. But he was saying it in such a way that it was obvious logically that there was more total sin in those days as compared to now.

Argh, I don’t want to get into it again, it’s making me angry. But yeah, I was right. Can’t remember what side it was, but I do know that Wong, the impartial third party, was more compelled towards my side. Mostly because Henry didn’t justify himself at all. But anyway, yeah, that’s an argument we once had, just writing about it because John kinda brought it up.

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