John’s last entry was interesting to me because it had these subtly conflicting ideas. Not fundamentally conflicting, but just in a subtle way. On the one hand, he bemoans how Korea is becoming less innocent. And how he likes how Korea was a few years ago, more innocent, and – though not explicitly – more Christian. He doesn’t just say it was more moral. He says it was better for him spiritually.

And then on the other hand, he doesn’t like the “Southern Baptist Bible Belt influence” in Dallas. How it turns people off. I dunno, did it ever occur to him that the “moral” environment he liked so much in Korea might have turned some people off when they saw the hypocrisy there? But of course, I’m speaking out of my butt; I know nothing about Korea. I just think it’s interesting that he wants society to be more Christian, but doesn’t like it in places where Christianity is a dominant culture, where the hypocrisy is more evident.

And I do think what John wants is a more Christian society, not just a more moral one. Because of the way he says Korea was a good spiritual environment. And, I dunno, there are places like China that are superficially innocent and kind of fit John’s moral thing. But in reality, it just masks a shocking amorality.

I’m not even sure what I’m saying anymore. I guess it’s just, you can’t have both. If you want society to be more Christian, when it becomes cultural you get more visible hypocrisy. And a society that’s more “moral”, without Christian influence, is I think a worse thing.

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