I think it’s a measure of the type of man John is that the things we make fun of him for are actually high compliments. We make fun of him for being overly serving. And for only being interested in spiritual things. I dunno, those are pretty awesome things to be ridiculed for.

So on the trip, maybe it’s just me that felt this way, but John seemed slightly out of it, or not fully into everything we were doing. Just not as excited about things. Plus he sprained his neck or something. The funny thing is, when we got to talking about church and spiritual things, he got incredibly animated and excited. His whole posture changed and he got super chatty. I dunno, it was funny to me. That’s John for you. The only thing you can make fun of him for is for being holy.

That and his body odor. So, according to third party sources, when John was at James Rd., our room smelled terrible. After he moved out and Eric moved into the room, it didn’t smell nearly as bad. You do the math.

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