Here’s what a friend said, and I’m inclined to agree. It’s not that there are dealbreakers that keep you from liking someone. It’s more, you don’t like someone, and therefore there are dealbreakers. If that makes any sense. Just, the way things happen is, you start liking someone and because of that, you’re willing to overlook the potential “dealbreakers”. It’s not that you become willing to overlook them and thencefore like them.

But then again, that’s just my own experience. Everyone’s different.

Another conversation I had with a couple friends. It’s in regards to girls that act “cute”. By “cute” I mean acting really girly. Or more accurately, like a little girl. I think it’s kind of like the Julia Roberts thing, just, the mindset that by acting “cute” they can get attention.

So a female friend of mine was bemoaning the fact that guys fall for this stuff. That they love it when girls act like little girls. Here’s a newsflash – they don’t. Or at least, my guy friends don’t. A friend of mine put it this way – a very very select few can get away with it. But the rest that act that way are just annoying. I’d put it more strongly – it’s always annoying. I dunno, maybe a few guys fall for it, but I don’t think for long. If you act like a little girl, you’ll get treated like a little girl.

So yeah, the cute thing – annoying.

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