“the reason people hate us, as tom friedman puts it, is they wake up one day and realize that some part of what they consider very important to the identity either as an individual or as a culture is suddenly stripped away. and it sucks because there’s nothing they can do about it. and they realize that basically the reason is because of globalization.”

I 100% agree with this, and I think that’s why people hate us. I’m a huge free trade guy. It’s not that I’m against so much as America imposing our culture on others (a la Lay’s in Holland).

Anyway, isn’t that happening in America also? I thought that was a big theme of You’ve Got Mail (a movie I hated). Neighborhoods losing their sense of identity and flavor as they get invaded by the cookie cutter stores of huge corporations. I think that kind of sucks also, but what can you do? What’s the cause of that? It can’t be globalization. Consolidation? I dunno. But yeah, I think it’s happening on a few levels, not just internationally.

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