If I ever said Craig Kilborn is funnier than Conan O’Brien I repent in dust and ashes. I think I once said I find him funny, but yeah, there’s no comparison. Conan was hilarious. Kind of a rough start, and the audience wasn’t as into him as I was, but good stuff.

So I saw Autumn Fairy Tale, this Korean drama that John got for me. I’m sorry, but I don’t get Korean dramas. This one in particular was creepy – as allegedly with all Korean dramas, this centers on a love triangle, but this particular one involves an incestuous relationship. I dunno, I felt gross the whole time and had to take a shower and say 3 Hail Marys afterwards.

Anyway, it was apparently a 16 episode series that they whittled down to 140 minutes. Which meant two things. One, the story made no sense, because they’d leave these long parts out. If Jieun hadn’t already seen it and explained what was going on to me, I would have been totally lost. Two, being condensed, the “crying” parts came about once every 10 minutes. By crying parts I mean the parts where the audience is supposed to cry. You can tell which these are because the actors are crying. Those Korean actors, even the child ones, boy can they cry. But yeah, it did nothing for me. But Jieun was crying, full on sobs, every 10 minutes. It was getting a little ridiculous at the 1:30 point, but yeah, it got to her.

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