I pretty much 100% agree with John’s conclusion. But I’ll still quibble a little bit about the Scripture he references. First the 1 John passage. If you read that passage in context I think it’s pretty clear that it’s not talking at all about decision making. Rather, it seems to me it’s related to a challenge to love. He’s saying, love each other – that’s how you know you’re living within God’s will. Again, nothing about decision making. I think looking at John 14 reinforces this – it’s the passage where Jesus leaves us peace not as the world gives. That promise comes after a section where he tells his disciples to love him and obey his commands. I think both passages are saying the same thing – if your life is marked by loving him and obeying his commands, you’ll have peace. But it’s a stretch I think to say it’s talking about making particular decisions. It seems much more to be a life thing.

As for the Philippians verse, I think it’s key that it doesn’t say that we’ll get peace as some indicator. That if we present our requests to God, we will find peace and that peace will indicate which path to take. It just says, present your requests to God, and you’ll find peace, period. I think the point is, if you submit your anxieties to God’s will, you’ll find peace. Again, I think it’s a lifestyle thing, not a decision making thing. And this is also reinforced by verse 9 of that chapter where he says if you put what you’ve learned into practice, you’ll find peace. It’s a lifestyle thing, not a particular decision making thing.

So yeah, John, I agree with you, I think pretty much it’s peace after a decision, not to make a decision. And I still don’t think that Scripture talks about peace with decision making – just peace as it relates to lifestyle. But anyway.

The other problem I have is distinguishing between peace and/or being content with complacency. I dunno, maybe you can comment on that.

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