Whoa, weird. That semi-obscure “You Are Holy” song we sang at KCPC – the one where the guys and girls split, “I will sing to and worship the king who is worthy / He is Lord of Lords He is king of kings he is mighty God lord of everything” – is on the new Michael W. Smith Worship CD. His version is terrible. I dunno, I’m kind of sad about that. Just, it was kind of “cool” to know because it’s an awesome song but obscure.

Have you ever read “High Fidelity”? A good read, anyone who reads this page would love it. Anyway, it’s about these record store employees and they’re complete music snobs. There’s this great passage where one of them discusses this song and another asks, “The (so and so) version?” and the other is peeved because he doesn’t know that version. I’m not doing this book justice. But yeah, the point is, they’re devoted to this arcane music knowledge and it makes them feel superior, where in truth they’re complete losers.

Anyway, I’m exactly like that but far worse – I’m a praise music snob. I remember one great moment in my life when I was leading one week and told the team in practice how I wanted to sing “You Are My All In All” but like the original, not the Bob Fitts version. And Kris, no slouch when it comes to praise knowledge, goes, “what original version?” I still hold on to that.

Anyway, yeah, that song’s on there so not obscure anymore, which is good. Too bad people will be copying MWS’s horrid version. Ooh, I just found out I think it’s on a WOW worship CD also. Oh well. But yeah, both of those versions suck. Ooh, I found another version by “Young Life”. It’s pretty good – the best fast version I’ve heard. What a loser I am.

Also, Dave’s favorite song “Here I Am To Worship” (“altogether… I’ll never know how much is cost…”) is on MWS’ CD.

Some songs I’m digging lately: Holy (on the Vineyard UK CD of the same name) and Enough (one of the Passion CDs? Not sure – it’s Chris Tomlin). I think I’m more impacted by songs that remind me that God is all I need – and all I could want. I’m too easily distracted. I guess it’s sort of related to a testimony I shared once. But yeah, those songs mean a lot to me. I like You Are My Treasure for the same reason. But anyway.

Here’s the chorus to Enough:

All of You is more than enough for
All of me
For every thirst and every need
You satisfy me with Your love
And all I have in You is more than enough

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