Just thought I’d share a praise song I like a lot, and why I like it. It’s called You Are My Treasure. Another Chris Tomlin song I think. Anyway, here are the lyrics.

You Are My Treasure

Chris Tomlin

Faithful Lord, fill my cup
With your grace and love
Your grace and love
The pleasures that this world’s sure of
Will never be enough
Can never be enough

‘Cause I’m created for You alone
Bought with a price, I’m not my own
Seated in the heavenlies
And there’s no place I’d rather be
Than with You forever Lord
You are my Treasure

So let me explain why I like this song. I think one of the most influential truths/reminders in my life is that God is all we might need and all we could want. It’s very deep and powerful to me.

So because of this I love in particular the lines “The pleasures that this world’s sure of / will never be enough / can never be enough”. Great stuff.

But I think there’s a more interesting question. OK, so God all we could want. But why is He all we could want? Just because? I dunno, I think it’s interesting. And you know, a large part of the answer is because of who God is and all that stuff.

But I do think there’s more to it. That part of it is because of who we are. Meaning, the way we need God isn’t the same as say rabbits need God or the earth needs God. There’s something special and particular about the way man is. And maybe this is obvious and whatever. I think I started thinking about this in more depth a while ago with some talks I had with Adrian and some stuff I was reading. I’m pretty sure it was Francis Schaeffer, but not sure.

The basic idea I came across is this: one great truth about Christianity is that it tells us that we were created in a certain way, for a certain purpose. And that fact explains a lot about human nature and the human condition. So it shouldn’t surprise us when we find that to be true in our lives. Like why it is humans search for satisfaction and meaning, and why we so often don’t find satisfaction in these earthly things. There’s a reason for that, because we were made a certain way. As usual, my clunky writing isn’t doing justice to the idea, but hopefully you get the gist. Christianity tells us we were made a certain way and that explains a lot about the way man is.

In particular, Christianity tells us we were made to worship God and find satisfaction in Him. It tells us where we came from, why, where we are, and where we are going. The great thing about this song is that it has all of these ideas in there. That we were made in a certain way, for a certain reason. Where we are now – that we’ve been bought with a price to be brought back to our intended purpose. And our eventual destination. It’s really deep to me.

So y

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