I’ve said this before, but I love the Britney Spears song “Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”. I just find the lyrics poignant. I dunno how true this is but I feel like it must be so hard for females in this world. Like I was looking at that Time pictorial with all these girls in this awkward stage of wanting to be women but still being girls. I dunno, this culture is tough on females. It must be hard.

Anyway, when I look at Britney Spears maybe it’s just me but I feel incredibly sorry for her. I don’t think she has any idea who she is. Like you remember when she was first starting out there was all this talk about how despite being so young she presents herself so sexually but talks of herself virginally. And she would say then how it’s just a stage thing, not reality. I dunno, I think at least in the beginning, it was true. I don’t think she had any idea what she was doing, she just did what they told her to do. But no real understanding of what she was doing at all. And even now, I don’t think she has any idea who she is. I have no basis for this, but yeah, that’s what I see when I look at her. I just think the song is so true for her, but I don’t even know if she really knows that.

I say this because whenever she performs the song, like the way she performs a lot of songs, she does it in this sexy way. And that’s like counter to the message of that song. But in a deep way, it kind of makes it more true, you know? I dunno. But yeah, the recording is better than any live version because the producer wisely held back her sultry singing tendencies.

SN. That’s another beef I have with certain worship CDs out there. Just, the singers sometimes sing in a way that doesn’t feel worshipful. It’s just odd. A friend of mine once did this, singing this Christian song in public in a way that sounded like she was seducing someone. Yike, uncomfortable. At least she didn’t go into the audience.

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