So I’ve been downloading random videos lately. Like I got the Super Bowl Shuffle video. It’s as bad as I remember. I dunno if it’s cultural or genetic or whatever, but I’m sorry, black people just have more soul than white people. Basically the rappers are all black except for Jim McMahon and this other white guy. Every single black guy is decent and has some rhythm; some are pretty good with the limited material. But Jim and that other guy – painful. And don’t get me started with the dancing.

I also downloaded a classic SNL sketch, a parody on those Folger’s Crystals commercials where they secretly replace restaurant coffee with FC and show the reaction on a hidden camera. It’s the one with Chris Farley where when they tell him, he slowly goes berserk, upturning tables and causing mass chaos. Hilarious. I dunno, people seem to love Will Ferrell but for my money, our jr. high / high school era I think was the best. Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Phil Hartman, Victoria Jackson, Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Kevin Nealon. I dunno, I loved it. I’ve some of those other seasons though, like the Randy Quaid season and Chris Elliot season. Yikes. Very bad times.

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