Have you seen some of the themed board games they have nowadays? Like, everyone has seen all those versions of Monopoly. But there are some interesting other ones out there. Like Lord Of The Rings Risk (great idea), Simpsons Clue (cool idea), and Star Wars Life (absurd). There’s actually a whole bunch of Lord Of The Rings and Simpsons themed games, the most absurd of which I think is Rubik’s Homer’s Head.

Anyway, I was at Target the other day and they have all these Cranium expansion and related sets. Quite frankly it enraged me. Who likes this game? I’m serious, it’s about the easiest game ever made. It’s on the order of Chutes and Ladders in terms of challenge. Are there that many stupid people out there? Then who the heck buys Trivial Pursuit? Especially the most recent versions. Those questions are impossible.

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