So it’s Thanksgiving and I guess I’d just talk about some of the stuff I’m
thankful for. I think there’s a lot but I’ll just share a few. And I’ll
skip all the things I’m not thankful for. Dunno how interesting this will
be but whatever.

  • My wife – This would probably have to top the list. I dunno,
    everyone knows how awesome she is, but I don’t think they know the extent
    of it. Just, she has to deal with a lot just putting up with me. And
    despite all that, she’s completely considerate of me. I dunno, should I
    give an example? Here’s just one small thing she does. So she gets up
    before I do in the mornings so each morning, she gets up, then hands me a
    pair of earplugs so I’m not disturbed by the sound of he taking a shower
    and getting ready and all that. I dunno, awesome I say.Plus, she’s turned into a great cook. Like, I don’t like going out for
    tofu stew anymore. Just what’s the point? It tastes as good at home. As
    does her other stuff. Plus she’s completely supportive of me and deals
    with my laziness. I dunno, she’s pretty amazing, I think. Marriage has
    been pretty interesting, learning a lot about her and myself, but yeah,
    it’s been a lot of fun. I just really like spending my days with Jieun.
  • Small group – When I think about it, I think small group is the
    main thing that’s kept me spiritually sane the past year. I dunno if you
    know anything about our small group but it’s a little random how it came
    together. No one’s like completely random, everyone’s connected somehow,
    but it’s just kind of odd how we got this particular mix of people. And
    it’s a great group.Young was telling me this, how our group’s odd because everyone wants to
    come. We never have to nag people or guilt people or whatever. It’s just
    time we like spending together. It’s probably not as good as Dave’s
    legendary 1996-1997 FiCS small group but yeah, still pretty good.

    Anyway, it’s where I’ve been learning the most and getting most
    encouragement, accountability and prayer I think. So again, the thing
    that’s been keeping me spiritually sane. Plus, dunno if I’ve ever told him
    but yeah, one of the biggest blessings has been working with Adrian. I
    dunno, in a lot of ways he shames me, not by words but just by his
    actions. Even though years-wise I’m older than him, both physically and
    spiritually, I think I have way more to learn from him. And I have.

  • Church – So we’ve been looking for a church for a few months
    and we’ve found one that we really like. I dunno, we haven’t been there
    long but it’s already been a huge blessing for us. I think we see now that
    it’s a perfect mix for Jieun and me, where we are spiritually, I think,
    and it’s kind of odd because it just fell into our laps. Just somewhere we
    randomly heard about. Church had been I think our biggest prayer requests
    recently so that it’s been answered is one of the things we’re most
    thankful for. Maybe I’ll write about church more some other time but yeah,
    it’s been great.
  • My job – I dunno, I’m really thankful for my job, and not just
    because of the job market nowadays. I just happen to like my particular
    job. I never ever dread going to work, I find what I’m doing interesting,
    and I get paid for it. Not bad. I was thinking recently how a friend of
    mine, I think we all know who he is, but yeah, he got a dream job because
    he goes to work and does exactly what he’d be doing at home, except he
    gets paid for it. And I dunno, I think I’m somewhat the same way. I’d be
    programming regardless of whether programming was my vocation. I thought
    at one time I’d like to do games but I think in retrospect I would have
    gone crazy. The stuff I do is nerdy enough to be interesting and since I’d
    be programming anyway, I dunno, it’s a pretty good deal. I feel pretty
  • Ohio State going to the Fiesta Bowl – Yeah, kind of superficial
    but who cares, I’m still thankful for it. You don’t understand – Ohio
    State’s been undefeated I think 3 times going into the last game of the
    season with Michigan under John Cooper. Every time we lost. And Michigan
    fans like Ben Hur would rub it in the Sunday afterwards. The worst was the
    year Biakabatuka ran all over us. Ugh. To come so close makes it all the
    more painful.So yeah, in light of all that heartbreak, this year is sweet, especially
    since OSU wasn’t supposed to compete. And the way things were a month ago
    with like 8 undefeated teams. It just all fell into place. I don’t know if
    OSU is the best team in the country but they did all they were supposed to
    do and it’s a good feeling. They’ll be competitive with whoever they play
    because of their defense.
  • Yao Ming – Get on the bandwagon – Yao is awesome. I’m actually
    gonna go see him tonight. Woo hoo!

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