So Jieun and I have been watching the Sopranos first season lately. It’s a really interesting series. The brilliance of the series is that it somehow gets you to sympathize with a mobster. Even though he does evil things, he deals with real issues so on some strange level, you relate.

Anyway, this one episode was fascinating because it dealt partly with race issues. In this case how he, an pure Italian guy, relates to other white people. I dunno, it was interesting because it was something I could relate to as an Asian American. Like he goes to a barbecue and he has some difficulty because the stuff they talk about, and how they talk, isn’t how he used to talking. So it’s kind of awkward when he says stuff, as he tries to fit in. I dunno, I just completely relate to that.

I dunno, it’s just interesting to realize that the Asian American awkwardness isn’t unique, that everyone has it when they move from their social arena to another one. Like, it’s a famous story how Joe thought FiCS was a cult when he first came. I guess he was used to American churches. How did Rodney ever get used to it?

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