So I made some of the small group people watch A Charlie Brown Christmas last night. I dunno, I guess it’s just me but it really resonates with me. It always has. When I was a kid I once recorded it on audiotape. I can’t remember why I did this. I did this also with a Garfield special and a Robotech episode. Random.

But anyway, yeah, resonates with me, how the commercialization of Christmas depresses him and how he needs Linus to remind him of the true spirit of Christmas. Good tidings of great joy and all that. I guess it’s been like this for a while but yeah, people seem more concerned with the state of the retail sector, buying gifts for people, all that stuff. I dunno, it’s fine and all, just depressing to me.

I guess one thing that did it for me was our church had this little holiday get together. It was fine and everything, we had dessert, got to know a few people better, had a little white-elephant thing. It’s just there wasn’t anything there dealing with Jesus’ birth. I’m not upset at the church or anything. I was just a little sad about it is all, that I’m not even going to get a piece of the real spirit of Christmas at my church before going home. Sign of the times I guess.

Anyway, I was really sad that our small group wasn’t going to get to do anything to really celebrate Christmas either, hence a Charlie Brown XMas. I dunno, Linus’ speech isn’t much, but it’s better than nothing.

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