No one cares, but now that I’ve been to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, I think I’m qualified to say that Taste Of Texas is better. Just a more flavorful, juicier steak. RC drenches it in butter, which makes it smell incredible but drowns out some of the natural flavor. ToT optionally does something similar but it’s not nearly as bad. Plus the salad bar and stuff push ToT over the top. The 2 hour wait is a bit much though.

So anyway, they’ve been opening all these Cold Stone Creamery’s across the Bay Area. You know the idea, they have this cold stone on which they mix ice cream with fillings. I have no idea which came first, but I think it’s a ripoff of Marble Slab in Texas. The thing is, Marble Slab is much better. Some around here say Amy’s is even better but I like Marble Slab. Fortunately, they’re opening a branch in the Bay Area. Forget Cold Stone. Try Marble Slab – you’ll be happy.

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