Happy New Year everyone. This is morbid but the past couple years when New Years comes I just feel grateful for being alive, that there wasn’t any violence or anything. Sign of the times we live in I guess. Or something screwed up with my mind.

This year our EM rented out Malibu Grand Prix. They used to rent out a bowling alley but it’s gotten too big; too many people there. Like I think total the youth group retreat they just had was a couple hundred people. Maybe that includes counselors? Not sure. But still, what are that many Koreans doing in Houston? It’s insane. Anyway, everything was free (after paying $10), arcade games, food, bumper boats, batting cages, go carts. Pretty good.

So one weird thing I’ve noticed about high schoolers these days is that they like speaking Korean, like it’s a mark of being cool. Bizarre. Another random thing about Houston is that for some odd reason a lot of the Bemani games are the Korean versions. Like at Malibu they had the Korean DDR, with Korean songs and whatever. And at Tilt in Memorial City Mall they had Percussion Freaks (Korean version of Drum Mania) also with Korean songs and stuff. Random.

I’ve been saying this over and over but I’m realizing again as I start 2003 as a married man that I can’t screw around anymore. Not so much with the little stuff, just more, I think my mom’s kind of right, I need to start having a plan for my life. I dunno how much longer my holding pattern style of living is gonna cut it. I guess we’ll see. 2003 will be an interesting year.

No babies though.

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