I’m philosophically opposed to PETA. I dunno, just a random rant that I’ve probably had before. For a couple reasons. But for one, they’re the worst example of a group that just forces their views on others. I know maybe Christianity has a bad rap for stuff like this, imposing its views on others, and it’s done some questionable things in the past. But nowadays, at its heart, it’s just a message that we want people to hear, and the hearers are free to accept or reject.

PETA is much worse than this. It’s not enough that they make their views known, but no one else is allowed to have a differing view at all. Am I overstating it? I dunno, the extremism of some of their ads is just ridiculous. Just completely intolerant and imposing.

What bothers me more is that their stance is, in my view, ridiculous. Animals should be afforded rights that, among other things, means not using animals for food? Are they aware that animals use other animals for food? Is this an animal right that should be protected or not? And if so, why should humans not be afforded the same right? It just makes no philosophical sense.

Anyway, I think Henry used this term, but I think they’re like limo liberals. You know, people whose relatively affluent lifestyle affords them the luxury of being able to take their stands. Like I loved how Dave Barry pointed out the ridiculousness of Barbra Streisand offering us energy conservation advice from her massive estate. I think it’s similar with PETA. It’s only possible in countries like the U.S. because we’re so advanced and so far removed in our daily lives from having to get food and stuff like that. Hmm, maybe not. Like I guess a lot of India is vegetarian. But I still bet they defend their homes from animals and whatever. I dunno.

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