Sorry, gonna pick up on Caedmon’s Call again. Just respond to Henry’s 2 points.

First, it’s patently unfair to use Rich Mullins as the standard for lyrics – he was one of the best lyricists around, Christian or otherwise. Of course Caedmon’s Call’s lyrics don’t measure up to Rich Mullins. Whose does? Sting doesn’t measure up to that standard and he’s a great lyricist. You can say you don’t like the lyrics, whatever, matter of taste. But to use Rich Mullins as a reference point – ridiculous.

As for their songs having no justification of their own – fool. Caedmon’s Call started getting big on the strength of their two independent CDs, which are largely just guitar and vocals. Again, just a matter of taste. But the point is, the thing that made them popular was their music at its barest, not production.

But whatever, that you don’t like them is no biggie, many don’t. But for me, 40 Acres is one of my favorite albums. Kinda countryish rock, like the stuff you’d hear on Austin City Limits.

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