I guess what I’m saying is, it’s *not* clear from the movie. OK, so he makes a ring to rule them all. Why? Why does he need a ring to rule them all? Doesn’t make sense to me. He’s powerful enough to rule them all, so just do it.

And Frodo being the right one to take it, I dunno, maybe just me but it’s not obvious from the movie either. Because he’s not portrayed as more immune to temptation at all. He’s portrayed as pretty weak. Nor are hobbits portrayed as having high tolerance for temptation, really. Yeah, all those other characters were tempted by the ring, but so was Bilbo in the beginning. Not particularly different. And worse, Frodo doesn’t seem to have real strong noble qualities, as opposed to say elf guy. I dunno, just the movie alone confused me is all I’m saying.

Plus the dwarf’s comic relief got old to me. Just me. Not that Harry Potter was perfect in this regard. About the 743rd time Ron Weasley makes that face of his I wanted to stab a straw through my eye.

So here’s something about Star Wars that doesn’t make sense to me. In episodes 1 and 2 the Jedi keep talking about the one prophesied to bring balance to the Force. So, I have no idea what balance to the Force means, or why it’s a good thing. In light of future events, it seems like the way Anakin brings balance is by killing off a bunch of good Jedi and making the dark side more powerful. That’s balance? That’s a good thing? Huh?

It seems to me there’s a good side to the Force and there’s a dark side to the Force. Why would you want balance to the Force? Wouldn’t you want imbalance? As much of the good side as possible and as little of the dark side? I dunno, this whole balance to the Force thing confuses me.

Another thing I’ve mentioned before. During their Jedi training they always say they have to keep their emotions in check. The thing is, when they go mad with rage, that’s when they get super dope. Like, Obi-Wan kills Maul in a rage after his master is killed. Luke defeats Vader and cuts off his hand in a rage after the Emperor threatens to pursue his sister (who once kissed him full on the mouth… ewww). When they *don’t* keep their emotions in check, they seem to do better. So what’s up with the wack advice? Or is it that if you don’t control your emotions you’ll fall to the dark side? But then, doesn’t that imply that the dark side is stronger? Confusing is all.

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