OK, so we all know women dress in large part for other women, not for men. So my question is, who do they get breast implants for? Newsweek was saying how breast implants are growing in popularity again, mentioning the irresistible allure of a larger bust. What is the allure? Who are they trying to impress? I’d think men, but is it anything like with clothes? Is it a competition thing with other women? And if it’s for men, isn’t that depressing? Just that it matters that much to women what men think of their breasts? I guess it goes both ways though, that it’s depressing that breasts matter so much to men.

It does go both ways. I dunno, someone was once saying how men are dumb and women are evil, because they control men by being attractive and stuff. I disagree with that. It’s just a matter of perspective, right? Why can’t you say men are evil and women are dumb because they cave in to doing what men find attractive, like getting breast implants? Isn’t that men manipulating women to do what they want? I dunno, it just goes both ways, I think. Both men and women are dumb, and men and women are evil.

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