Someone else mentioned the breast implant thing being about confidence but that just begs the question to me. They feel more confident because they feel more attractive, right? I mean, if they were living completely alone somewhere with no human contact, they would care less about their breasts. So the confidence thing has something to do with their appearance, how they look to people.

So my question remains, is it that they feel better about their appearance to guys or to girls? Or both? What’s the primary factor working there? Again, in light of the girls dress for girls thing, I have no clue.

I do think it’s shocking realizing how competitive women are though. Men are competitive also but in straightforward, visible ways, like with sports or video games or whatever. I almost feel like men created those things so they could have some clear rules and regulations with their competitiveness. But with women, it’s more below the surface. Maybe they’re not more competitive than men, but that subversiveness makes it more shocking to me. I dunno, just how I feel.

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