Some people find thought pages kind of arrogant, as if it’s at all important what they have to say. I dunno, for me it’s the complete opposite. Dave says this all the time but the great thing about web pages is that there’s zero imposition on people. People can read it whatever, but if they’re bored or anything, they don’t have to finish. Or even read it in the first place. There’s no other medium like that. In a face to face or phone conversation, you have to listen to what they say, there’s no choice. Can you imagine cutting off someone mid-conversation and just saying, “I’m sorry, you’re boring me. I’d like to stop now.”? Or having a “Back” button for conversation? Even with e-mail, there’s some obligation to read what they wrote, because it was addressed to you. But with web pages, zero obligation, zero imposition. I like that.

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