I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again. What’s the difference between canadian bacon and ham? And do they just call it bacon in Canada? Then what do they call ham? And our bacon for that matter. American bacon? Confusing. But wait a second, in Kamloops I distinctly remember getting a BLT sandwich at McDonalds for breakfast. And it was normal bacon. So bacon must mean bacon. So then do they call it canadian bacon also? Kind of like American cheese? I’m babbling.

Speaking of which, Mark Cuban was complaining the other day about online voting for the All-Star game, how they had it in Chinese for the benefit of players like Yao, but not in languages like German, in which case Nowitzki would have benefited. He said (with some merit) that if they’re going to have some languages, they should have all languages. Among the languages he says they should have (in addition to German): Canadian. Hilarious.

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