I was talking to someone with really strong smoker’s breath. I was keeping my distance but still, the smell was overpowering, just amazing. Anyway, it made me wonder. If I can smell that from so far away, I’m obviously breathing some of his exhale. But then, does that mean I’m always inhaling exhale, I just don’t always smell it? I guess it’s obvious that I do, but I mean, I just always assumed like 3 feet was sufficient distance to avoid colds and stuff. But I was definitely 3 feet away from this guy but still getting smoker’s breath. At what reasonable distance do you minimize exhale inhalation? Random thought.

And is smoker’s breath bad for you? I suppose not right? It’s not like second hand smoke. It’s like 4th hand smell. But it does smell awful. I dunno how smokers ever kiss. I can’t take it.

It amazes me how much Europeans drink and smoke. This one guy doesn’t have cigarettes but paper and tobacco. So he makes his own every smoke. I dunno, that’s kind of cool. If I smoked, I’d do that.

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