For me at least, yesterday every conversation I had included the shuttle disaster. I dunno, it seemed to be on a lot of people’s minds.

Dave told a story once about how he was mentioning something to John and he just blew it off then he mentioned it dealt with Jesus and John immediately got interested and excited about. Jieun’s the same way with Asian American race issues. I dunno, it’s pretty funny.

You know, Jieun really should have just took a bunch of languages in college. Why not? She’s good at it and she loves it. Her inspiration is Henry David Thoreau, who apparently took a bunch of language classes during college. But yeah, she should have, in retrospect. Our perspective was just handcuffed by the Korean practicality mindset.

You know one random thing I like about marriage? It’s being able to ask her where my stuff is, and her knowing. And no, not because she puts everything away. It’s just, I dunno, it feels really intimate, that our lives and living are so entwined that we know where each others’ stuff is. For some reason, I like that feeling. Random.

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