Some random facts about me.

  • I have never had a car with power locks or power windows. First car, 1982 Datsun Sentra. Second car, a red Corolla so barebones it didn’t even have a dashboard clock. Current car, a ’91 Corolla, still no power locks or windows. The driver side window knob actually fell off so opening the window is an incredible hassle.
  • I have never owned a cell phone.
  • The only acoustic guitar I’ve ever bought cost less than $100. Made in Korea. I think it’s a Hohner? Something like that. Paul Jung actually gave me the Epiphone I have now.
  • The last time I had my own room, vacations excepted, was high school. I dunno, I think that’s kind of crazy. Never my own room in an apt. Or a room in a 2 room double. Since high school.

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