I’m super against Annika Sorenstam playing in PGA Events. I dunno, it has to do with one of my life philosophies, that life isn’t fair. You’d think that’s obvious. But a lot of the time people act and make rules as if life were fair, wishful thinking I guess. But trying to apply “fairness” when things are inherently unfair just doesn’t make sense. It’s the same result as when applying logical inference on a set of inconsistent propositions. You arrive at absurdity.

She’s very good, could possibly be competitive in the PGA. Doesn’t mean she should. If you do that then just get rid of the LPGA because that’s not fair, right? Also against girls playing football or baseball. Yeah it’s not fair that they can’t play, but life isn’t fair – guys and girls have inherent physical differences. Besides which it’s no less fair than having women only sports like softball and field hockey.

I dunno, I suppose it’s obvious but just how I feel about it. Men and women have different physical characteristics. Just recognize that and deal with it. Or otherwise, be consistent about it.

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