I can’t remember the last time I saw a commercial for breakfast cereal. Definitely years ago, not sure how many years. Random thing I was thinking yesterday.

I kind of hate TV, which is weird because growing up I used to watch like 4 hours minimum a day. It’s insane when I think about it. But I watched a *lot* of TV. College was good for me because you basically watch no TV at all. No time and no access. So you learn to live without it.

So I hate TV because it makes me a zombie. So I’m all for watching with a purpose, like if Survivor is on (the only TV show I watch regularly, and even with that I missed most of last season) or watching a DVD. But I hate just having it on. I think Jieun’s different with this. Like if she’s cooking or whatever, she likes to have the TV on, not that she’s really watching it, but just to kind of have it on. For some reason, I’m not like that at all. Just not my thing having the TV on with no one really watching it.

I hate most when the TV is on while we’re eating together. And again, it’s because of what it does to me. I become a zombie. Which tends to impede social interaction. We had the TV on the other week at small group, and they had some NBA All-Star weekend stuff going on, truly inane and boring, but it had my full attention. I barely spoke to anyone. I dunno, TVs distract me. I can’t not focus on the TV if it’s on. So depending on the situation, I much prefer that it not be.

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