OK, so a couple people have told be about B2K, some black boy band, so I guess it exists. How come everyone from LA knows about this group? Never heard of them in my life. Anyway, I still have the same question. How come every group with young white guys is automatically called a boy band but not black groups? Can you think of a single vocal group of young white males that wasn’t called a boy band? You probably can but you get my point. Black group called a boy band is an exception, just like white group not being called one. It’s just weird.

So another basic Christian thing that I don’t understand – baptism. Maybe it’s because I was raised Southern Baptist. But I always understood it as just being a symbol, a public declaration of your faith. So we were pretty casual about it, like there wasn’t an urgency to get baptized because it’s not like baptism saves you. I still believe that. But then I don’t understand Scripture. If it’s just a symbol, why is it so urgent in the Bible? It’s so important that it’s mentioned in the Great Commission. He doesn’t say go and make disciples of all men, observing Communion with them or anything like that. Baptism is key.

And in Acts, when people are converted, there’s an urgency to getting baptized. They don’t wait until the next church meeting or whatever. They pretty much do it immediately, wherever they are, even if there’s no one else around, like with the Ethiopian. But that doesn’t jive with the public declaration idea of baptism. I dunno, I just think I don’t understand baptism. There’s a clear sense of urgency with it in Scripture but nowadays we (I) don’t get that sense at all, it’s almost (just almost) extraneous, something we do when we get around to it, but not critical. Pretty fundamental thing to not get but yeah, the way it is in Scripture confuses me.

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