Am I the only one still thoroughly entertained by Survivor? I dunno, this whole guys vs. girls thing is really interesting to me. I love the way it’s played out so far. Very entertaining.

I think the whole “reality TV” name is a misnomer. At least for Survivor, I don’t think they ever claimed to be “reality”. I dunno, what I realized for myself is that for me, it’s not really about the game or it being “real” or whatever. The only “reality” part to it that I like is that it’s real people, and the game is just a context to see how the relationships pan out. That’s what I find interesting.

Anyway, I’m angry because they chose the most unintelligent and lazy Asian American to be on the show. Even Jieun said he’s a disgrace to the race. By race I mean the human race. I dunno, I’m especially angry because he essentially took my spot. There’s no way I’d be let on Survivor after him. An Asian guy from Houston named Daniel whose favorite team is the Rockets. I’ll never be let on now.

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