More on my love hate thing with TV.

I think, and obviously this isn’t completely up to me, but I think I don’t ever want a TV in my bedroom. I know, there isn’t a person alive anymore who doesn’t have this but I don’t think I want it. What it is is this. To me, a TV is disruptive. For other people it’s not. They can just have it on in the background, no big whoop. But for me, it takes my attention. Again, the whole, if a group is eating and the TV is on, I don’t talk. I watch the TV. It’s disruptive for me. And the last place I want to be disrupted is the bedroom. I’m not being dirty here. I just mean the bedroom represents our alone space. I dunno if that makes sense.

I also think I don’t want more than 1 TV in the house. I just believe that when you only have 1 TV, kids are forced to learn to compromise. I’m not saying it’s the only way it happens. But it is a good way. I dunno, we’ll see what happens I guess.

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