This whole Iraq thing fascinates me. Zakaria said something that convinced me in Newsweek a few weeks back, that at this point the U.S. must go to war. Otherwise, the lesson for everyone will be that if you confront the U.S., it will back down, and this has disastrous consequences.

It’s just odd because it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to actually start the war. It’s an odd situation. Here’s something I don’t understand. So Iraq decides to dismantle some of its missiles. Scott needles Bush over this, like, what is he going to do now? Which makes no sense. If it’s taken this long for Iraq to do this, it’s clear that they haven’t been fully cooperating with weapons inspectors and U.N. resolutions. It’s almost like proof that they haven’t been complying. Which would help justify a war. But oddly, them doing this is seen as cause for not going to war. I dunno, very interesting.

On a different note, Jieun had this interesting question recently. How many members of PETA are pro-choice? It’s just, a lot of them are so into respecting all life and stuff, that to be pro-choice seems somewhat inconsistent. I dunno, it’s interesting is all.

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