I spent some time downloading classic TV theme songs and I’m ashamed that I ever forgot the Perfect Strangers theme. It’s a good one. Better than Silver Spoons and Diffrent Strokes, I think. You’ve got to hear the long versions of the Family Ties, Growing Pains and Cheers themes by the way. Bizarro. Especially the Cheers theme, which includes the line “And your husband wants to be a girl.” Uh… right.

Am I being a fogey by saying this? But I think we had the best cartoons when we were kids. G.I. Joe, Transformers, Thundercats, He-Man, etc. Even our translated anime was better. We had Star Blazers, Voltron, and Robotech. Kids today are stuck with Dragonball Z and Pokemon. There’s really no comparison. The only new cartoons I wish we had when we were younger are X-Men and Batman. But even like X-Men, the animation doesn’t compare to I think G.I.Joe. I dunno, I haven’t kept up with cartoons but I think our age was a golden era.

There were a few shows though I don’t understand who watched. 3 stick out in my mind: The Littles, the Bugs Bunny show (both on ABC Saturday mornings) and Land Of The Lost. The Littles was just boring, one of those shows they showed late Sat. morning. Bugs Bunny was just like the same 12 cartoons recycled for 20 years. Boring. Land Of The Lost was this live action show my sister insisted on watching. Absolutely boring.

Also boring were pretty much every girls cartoon ever made. No clue why that is. Like He-Man – interesting, She-Ra – boring. Sometimes my sister would rent the Care-Bears and Strawberry Shortcake videos. They literally could not be more boring. I mean that. It’s just not possible. Why are girls cartoons so boring? I think it affects them permanently, their sense of standards. So that when they grow up, it causes stuff like Maid In Manhattan and Sweet Home Alabama to appear. My theory.

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