So one thing that bothers me about Friends is that there’s no growth. What I mean is, what kind of losers hang out with the exact same group of people pretty much exclusively for 10 years? Neither making new close friends or losing touch with old ones? Is anyone like this? Should they be? I dunno, when I see it now I see a bunch of old people (some are kinda wrinkly now) doing essentially the exact same thing that they did a decade ago and I dunno, people like that in real life I call losers.

One thing I do respect about Friends. They’ve never pulled a Brian Bonsall, Raven Simone, or Ashley Johnson (who played Chrissy Seaver, a character who grows 5 years in one offseason). Yeah, they added a baby, but it’s not the same as the child actor thing. Once that’s there, it’s done. So they’ve got that going for them, which is nice.

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