Who’s this Ali G guy? There was an article about him in Newsweek that was hilarious. Apparently he gets famous political figures to appear on his show, not realizing that he’s a comedian. So the interactions are hilarious. Like,

“I’s here wit my main man Gov. Dick Thornburgh, former attorney general. Him is here to explain about the law. So, when is it legal to murder someone?”

“Never,” the stunned Thornburgh answers.

“What if they call your mum a ho? Is it all right to murder them then?” Ali G persists.

“You can’t use as a defense any kind of verbal provocation,” Thornburgh explains patiently.

“What if they say your mum is a ho and I know ’cause I done it with her?” Ali G retorts. “Surely then you can pop a cap in their a**.”

Thornburgh pauses. “It’s a terrible thing to say,” he allows. “But you can’t take another’s life for slander.”

“Then what if they say it about your nan?”

I dunno, I thought it was funny. Or another exchange:

Ali G: Is Disneyland a member of the U.N.?

Boutros Boutros-Ghali: No, because it’s not an independent state.

AG: Which is the funniest language? It’s French, innit? What was the one language that when the delegate got up to speak, you was like, “Hee hee hee”?

BBG: I’m not allowed to do this. I am the secretary-general.

Amused me.

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