More thoughts on Chicago (the movie), maybe spoilers. Caveat emptor.

I think I said before how I thought Chicago was amoral. I think I’ve changed my thinking. I think it’s *immoral*. Just, the people who get treated the worst are exclusively good people. The husband is just a good guy, and he’s treated like crap. And the one innocent girl gets hung.

I know it’s not a message movie, it’s razzle-dazzle. But still, there is a message. And what is it? That being good is #1 irrelevant and #2 disadvantageous? I dunno. I’m just a caveman, this world frightens and confuses me, but such unrelenting cynicism is hard for me to find entertaining, the more I think about it. But I think I’m alone on this; doesn’t seem to bother anyone else.

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