This random group took out a full page ad in the Merc, advocating a gas tax of 96¢ per gallon (implemented over 10 years). The money would go back to the public in some way. But they feel strongly about reducing our dependence on foreign oil.

I liked that. Just, they have a practical understanding of things. When it comes to energy conservation, just asking people to change their habits Barbra Streisand style isn’t going to make any lasting difference. It’s all economics. The only way people will use less gas is if gas is more expensive. So if using less gas is a worthy goal (I think it is), we need prices to go up. I dunno, I’m just in favor of that.

On a somewhat related note, dunno if you read the Bogle speech but Warren Buffett was advocating a 100% tax on short term capital gains. Super extreme. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think I agree with it. Just, one of the problem with the modern market is that many people don’t invest, they speculate, and that has definite negative consequences. I dunno, it’s an interesting idea at least.

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