So I just had dinner at Wolfe Cafe in Cupertino Village. And whatever, they’re playing the muzak version of random songs, like at many Chinese restaurants. Including Yesterday Once More, Bridge Over Troubled Water, Yesterday, etc. Normal stuff.

So the last song we hear is a muzak version of This Is The Day. You know, the old school praise song. “This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made, that the Lord has made…” Is that not utterly random? I’m actually going to share the arrangement:

Casio sax plays one time through
Repeat song with Casio sax
Modulate up one key with Casio flute
Modulate up *another* key with Casio flute. Bold!
Back to Casio sax another time through
Back to Casio flute another time through
Casio sax repeats the last part

Is that not the most random thing ever? I dunno, I was utterly fascinated. And what I want to know most is, how did this random place get a hold of John Yoon’s CDs?

That reminds me. Last weekend I was listening to I think it was Calvary Chapel’s radio station while driving around LA. It’s pretty good! They mix praise music with teaching, and some of the praise music was pretty hip, I was surprised. I’d definitely listen to it regularly if I lived in SoCal.

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