I think Lt. Tay misunderstood me on the JBB. I’m not depressed about the war. Whatever, I have the Pleasantville/stoicism attitude towards life. Life just happens and the right response as Christians is just to deal with it, not avoid it or despair. So yeah, it’s not the war.

It’s how they were treating each other on the forum. I dunno, I was convicted by a Bible study we did a few weeks ago. Just, the Scripture says repeatedly that Christians must/will love each other, and that this will be a sign to the world. I dunno, it was just convicting. The passage we looked at didn’t say they should love each other but that they would, which is pretty bold.

So when Christians treat each other with condescension and bombast, like in the forum, and even worse, delight in it, I dunno, it just depressed me. Not the war. But how Christians were treating each other while talking about the war. Yeah, I know maybe I do that with my friends, slam them and stuff. I’d argue it’s different though, because when we slam each other it’s joking and in the context of friendship. Neither of those things were true on that thread.

I dunno, I’m obviously not perfect with that but at this point I’d rather work on it than delight in it is all.

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