So I went to the tail end of this event called The Call San Francisco on Saturday. (Don’t bother looking at the website, there’s like no content there. Which I later found out is probably intentional. Just, they make a point to not advertise the speakers and worship leaders who are going to be there, but just emphasize that it’s a day of prayer and praise. Which is kind of interesting.)

Anyway, Jieun’s friend was involved with it so we got to see the stuff behind the scenes and everything. Including the video trailer. You know, like you see at sports events, with all the monitors and stuff showing all the camera views, where the producer coordinates everything going on. Apparently you can rent these things for $40,000 a week or something. Anyway, it was the coolest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. The technology in that room was insane. And the amount of work it takes to run the video even for something as relatively simple as this, I dunno, it was crazy.

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