Darn right I’m a Nazi. And you’re next on my list. No clue what that means.

Let me be precise. My beef against the Counting Crows version is twofold. One, they change the meaning of what I consider to be a relatively thought provoking song to something lame. From the dangers of modernity to missing your girlfriend? I dunno, I guess it’s debatable whether a cover band should understand the meaning of a song they cover but to change. I just think it sucks that they turn something marginally profound to something lame.

My second beef: you’re right not to argue that the CC version makes sense. Even though that’s exactly what you do – argue that it could make sense. But *any* analysis falls apart when you get to the end of their version. “I don’t wanna give it / Why you wanna give it / Why you wanna givin it all away / Hey, hey, hey / Now you wanna give it / I should wanna give it / Now you wanna givin it all away” Seriously, those lyrics defy any rational explanation in the context of the song. What, are the CC Dadaists or something? It’s just bizarre. And whatever, nonsensical lyrics are perfectly valid. I just don’t like it because it’s a cover of a poetic lyric turned into something completely irrational.

So maybe thong can explain it.


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